Privacy Resources for Personal Information Protection

Managed Privacy Canada offers Cloud-based Privacy Resources with PrivacyDash™

What Are Privacy Resources?

MPC offers Canada's leading privacy management solutions such as the Verify™ PIA risk assessment and PrivacyDash™ Audit Portal, conveniently available through the Web, with a full library of privacy resources customized to client requirements.

Privacy Policies

Your Privacy Risk Advisor™ will customize and add privacy policy templates to your PrivacyDash™ Managed Privacy Portal as required, ensuring they are relevant and up to date.

Privacy Standards

The MPC PrivacyDash™ Audit Portal lets you meet standards compliance requirements, manage privacy audit projects and securely share your PIA certificate to demonstrate standards compliance.

Privacy Compliance

The MPC PrivacyDash™ Audit Portal empowers clients to meet regulatory compliance requirements, ensuring that certificates remain up to date as legislative requirements change over time.